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I believe when you agree to make decisions based on the most excluded you have included everyone and will produce a ripple effect of Liberty and Justice for All.
Top Issues
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Body Autonomy and Reproductive Rights

A person's right to choose when and how they reproduce is fundamental to the quality of their life. This is a private medical decision between doctor and patient.

The government does not have the expertise nor the authority to make this decision for individuals.

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Support Our Veterans

Michigan must ensure streamlined services and access to resources and benefits for those who have chosen to serve their Country.


This support traverses the areas of health care, education, jobs, voting rights, housing, and transportation.

Economic Fairness

Redistributing the wealth to empower the backbone of our economy which is Small Businesses.

Michigan can eliminate barriers to the marketplace and empower entrepreneurs across the industry spectrum of services and products.

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Fair Housing

When our communities are designed with housing that helps residents age in place, they are more resilient to the unknown challenges of the future.​

The COVID pandemic has shown us the importance of safely living in one's own home or apartment, no matter your age.

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Government exists to invest in ourselves, to tackle the problems that individuals cannot solve individually. When we see the return on investments in education, small businesses, health care, and fair housing, they include increased community vitality, brighter futures, and stronger government revenues for reinvestment.